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Welcome to Age Less Laser Centres

Microblading 'Plus' Clinic




Where You Can Experience . . . 

State Of The Art Non Surgical Appearance Enhancing Solutions

Aging Skincare in Victoria BC

Come as you are . . . Leave as you want to be!


 Whether You're Wanting To:

  • Perfect your complexion by correcting skin imbalances

  • Reverse time by minimizing the effects of aging

  • Correct sparse, faded Eye Brows with Micro Blading

  • Remove & repair badly applied Permanent Makeup

  • Define your Eyes and enhance your Lashes

  • Volumize thinning Lips or correct lack of Lip symmetry

  • Remove a no-longer-loved tattoo, tattoo removal

  • Reduce &/or eliminate excess facial or body hair

  • Renew unsightly nails

  • Halt or reverse hair loss

  • Reduce your stretch marks & skin laxity

  • Reduce unwanted stubborn body fat and cellulite

  • Reduce your stress

...we have tried & tested procedures & products

Over the past several years, it has been our pleasure to assist thousands of discerning clients of all ages to enhance their appearance and well-being using a unique array of innovative, evidence-based, age defying treatments for face & body for lasting improvements that can be seen and felt.


At Age Less Laser Centres & Microblading Plus Clinic, we take the time to answer your questions; offer you a preliminary Digital Assessment to ensure you are a candidate for our services prior to scheduling you for a complimentary in-depth consultation with a well-trained and experienced clinician who can assess your concerns and objectives to ensure you get the best advice and recommendations at the fairest possible pricing.


As we do not believe in a one size fits all approach, you will find multiple, effective treatment options to address any one concern.

that work!

We are pleased to announce that Canadas' Eye Brow Queen performs her magic in our state of the art Permanent Makeup & Microblading Plus Clinic at Age Less Laser Centres. Here, you can expect the utmost in expertise and artistry to naturally enhance your eye brows & accentuate your eyes with eye liner which will enhance your individual features long term; all in an inviting and safe environment that adheres to the strictest of sanitary practices. We invite you to experience the pleasure and freedom of waking up looking naturally made up!



200-4500 West Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 3G2, Canada



Call us @ 778.433.8300

Text us @ 250.514.7032

*We value your time and want to give you the most accurate information regarding your inquiry. Specific details regarding the extent of your concerns and  goals in seeking services here are necessary. We would be happy to have a brief chat via Texting or Telephone to see if we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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