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Skin growths & spots getting you down? Before & after picture of benign skin growth removal.

Unwanted Skin Growths? - NOT ANY MORE!!

Ask us how we can safely and effectively remove or fade your unwanted benign moles, sebaceous skin growths and vascular blemishes.

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RF Probe Technology

Cryo Probe Technology

Laser Technology

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Quick & Effective

Affordable & Permanent

No Surgical Scars

Benign Skin Tag Removal 'Near Me' In Victoria BC

Skin growths, such as actinic keratosis (solar keratosis) from sun exposure, skin tags (cutaneous papilloma), age spots, cholesterol deposits (Xanthelasma) & benign moles can be a result of heredity or an inflammatory response due to aging or exposure to the environment. Whatever their origin, many of these skin growths can be removed easily & permanently with our specialized Radio Frequency (electrocauterization) or Cryo Therapy devices.

Electrocauterization for the removal of a skin tag is a very simple process whereby the practitioner touches a probe to the base of a skin tag, then applies a small amount of current which causes the blood supply to coagulate, thereby causing the blood flow to stop, and the skin tag to dry up and fall off. Scarring is highly unusual with this method.

If you have a predisposition to skin tags, benign moles & other growths such as actinic keratosis, these targeted skin revision therapies will effectively solve this problem.


“One day, I came across an ad by Age Less Laser Centre. It showed ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of a person treated for unsightly blemishes on his facial skin. The results looked impressive, so I made an appointment with the centre because I had terrible looking skin, especially on my back and forehead from years of sun damage. Treatments were done in a comfortable room by a very knowledgeable therapist, who described exactly what she was doing. The skin was given a topical anaesthetic and then treated with a Radio Frequency Probe, which was relatively painless. After three sessions, a week apart each, I was ecstatic at the results. Horrible blemishes and keratosis were gone! A complimentary skin exfoliation was included once the skin had normalized and left my back feeling wonderfully smooth. I actually enjoyed the whole experience, the highly professional and friendly manner of the therapist and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Age Less to anyone desirous of improving their health.” - Bruce Gardner

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