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About Our Clinician


Ask us how our exceptionally well trained and experienced Micropigmentation Clinician can give you beautiful dimensional movie star eyebrows, softer or edgy eyeliners & fuller more symmetrical lips with state of the art Micropigmentation or Microblading Plus that can last 2 to 5 years.

For Your Safety, all items are sterilized and one time use. Over 80 FDA & Health Canada approved Mineral Based Pigments can be used to customize for all skin undertones.


Six Different Technologies can be used for more precise results, and for your comfort, Medical Grade Topical Anesthetics are used.

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“I’ve enjoyed the Age Less Microblading Plus experience so much! If you’re concerned about discomfort, you can stop worrying now. With excellent topical anesthetics before and during your procedures, you’ll feel very little. My therapist was the definitive professional. The first item on my wish list was permanent upper-lid liner. This was followed by Brow Design and Lip Liner with Fill. It is wonderful to have a “fresh“ face all day long. ”  Thanks again, Linda R.

“The Therapist was great and very professional. She redesigned my eyebrows to make them look full and natural looking. Loved her approach. I highly recommend her services and Age Less Laser Centres. Thanks!”  Elizabeth C.

“I approached Age Less Laser Centre as I never liked my eyebrows. The Therapist alleviated my concerns by taking the time to thoroughly explain the procedure for a full brow redesign. I was very pleased with the results of my cosmetic procedure and the therapists’ professionalism. I wish I hadn't waited so long.” Gayle C.

“I approached Age Less Laser Centres in dire need of eyebrows. They were thin, straight, grey and unattractive. I am so happy with the new me. I have gotten many compliments, and my new improved brows give me more self assurance. The money I paid was very reasonable, and worth every penny. I am so looking forward to having fuller lips with my upcoming lip volumizing cosmetic tattooing treatment.” Anne Marie T.

“The therapist was lovely and informative, providing clear information on the procedures, and offering much needed advice on eyebrow esthetics and permanent makeup. A surprisingly fun and relaxing experience. I’ll review the pamphlets in consideration of future services and procedures.” Paulette D.

"I came to Age Less to have permanent eyebrows and liners done. Was very impressed with the technician. I really felt at ease and totally trusted her expertise! Having someone work on your face is nerve wracking as it is. I felt completely confident with the technician at Age Less. My eyes look gorgeous already!" Amanda H.

"I came in for an eye brow tattoo. My technician was very professional and did an excellent job! My new brows are well shaped, yet they look very natural. I get many compliments on my looks and most people do not realize that they are looking at semi-permanent makeup. I highly recommend Age Less Laser Centre for esthetic treatments". Joyce G.

"Oh! I feel like I'm totally a movie star with my wonderful eyebrows which were done today, I feel so great! A very busy mom that needs a little bit of pampering. I can say I am feeling wonderful after my micropigmentation (brow design). Feel blessed and not having second thoughts. Thank you! Makes me feel beautiful totally. Great job! I will highly recommend you everywhere." Rochelle L.

“Thank you for giving me back my eyebrows. I really like the way you did them. I don’t have to be embarrassed any more that my eyebrows will come off. Thanks again.”  Joan M

I had thought about having a tattoo brow for some time. Have been pleased with the brow tattoo results, the shape and colour. Have received many compliments. I would recommend Age Less laser to anyone. Thank you." Pauline Harris

“For years I had no eyebrows or very, very pale ones either from over plucking or aging or both. I had been thinking of having permanent eyebrow makeup done for years and when I was sixty I decided to treat myself and get it done. I wanted very natural looking brows (my skin is fair and my hair is silver) with a colour that would match my colouring. The technician at Age Less was able to perfectly make them look natural and match my colouring to a T. Despite the fact that I was a challenge (I bled a bit due to my colouring), she kept doing my brows until they were perfect. Think about having permanent eyebrow makeup done if you don’t have any like I did. Their permanent makeup technician is the best! Thank you, so much.” - Glenda Bruce

“My experience at Age Less Centre was wonderful. I had my eyebrows (permanent makeup) done, and am VERY pleased with the outcome. No more having to draw them on every morning, like I had been doing for the last 30-plus years. My husband is so happy to not have to wait for me for so long. I wish I had done it years ago! My technician made me feel very comfortable and like I was the most important person to her at the time. I have already recommended age less to a few people.” Carol S. Hunt

“If the eyes are windows to the soul, then eyebrows must be the frame! My brows, over time, had become almost nonexistent. Because I was spending so much time each morning trying to get them “just right” with an eyebrow pencil, I finally decided to try permanent makeup. Although I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure and the results, it was a tough decision to make. But I can attest to its’ positive outcome. My technician was a master craftswoman! Her consultation was thorough, putting me at ease. The process was very gentle and was carefully done. Now, when I start my day, my eyebrows are “on”. They are perfectly coloured and arched, and are truly a wonderful framework.

Thank you for an excellent job!” - Ruth S. Victoria, BC

“WOW! I sincerely do not have the words to express my awe and gratitude at how my life has changed. The insecurity and lack of confidence are gone for good. My life used to revolve around my eyebrows, or lack thereof. Everywhere I went, I had to ensure I had at least 2 brow pencils with me. Total panic would take over if I was caught somewhere – noticed half my eyebrows gone and no brow pencil. No swimming, no sports that could make me sweat . . . First thing I would think about when I woke up was – are my eyebrows still on? I NEVER let anyone, not even family or my boyfriend see me without my eyebrows. It consumed me and my worry just became part of my life . . . but not anymore.

I shopped around, wanting the best eyebrows money can buy – after all – they have to be on my face everyday! They are the BEST, hands down. Her consultation was eye opening – she was professional and helpful and showed me that the way I had been penciling them in was not the best shape for my face – I couldn’t believe it! After checking out some other places I felt confident in choosing Age Less and my instinct was right – their micropigmentation specialist will give you custom work – she really knows how to enhance and play up your natural beauty. She has an innate eye for symmetry and detail. She cares about her work and clients. I would highly recommend her services to anyone – I know it sounds dramatic – but she has seriously changed my life. My brows look so natural, nobody even knows I’ve had them done."

You will thank yourself if you choose Age Less Centres. Gratefully”, Kirsten I. Victoria, BC

“I came across Age Less Centre on my quest to seek out permanent makeup one day while searching on-line. I sent an email through the website and found a very quick reply answering all my questions and more! I was scheduled in a very timely manner and had my first consultation. I decided to have my eyebrows and my upper liner done.

So excited to arrive for my next appointment! The atmosphere is soothing and staff very friendly, they are quick to aid in my comfort any way, being a massage chair or glass of oxygenated water. The first appointment for my permanent makeup was great. Its a different feeling but they are sure to make it as comfortable as possible with a numbing agent.

I’m very happy with all my services already and sure I’ll keep coming back! I would recommend to all my friends for sure. I would live there if I could! Thank you so much!”  Warmly, Chantelle C

“Very great service. Felt like part of a family, good friends when here. Love my eyebrows!”  Kristine O.

“Having been “minus eyebrows” since an illness in my teens, pencils were not the solution. I first had them tattooed in 1986 – with reinforcement in 1999. Further fading (which is normal) and I found it time to have another touch-up and correction. Luckily I found Age Less, they corrected and reinforced my brows and now they’re not just great – they’re gorgeous!!! Their therapist truly is “the queen of brows. Thank You”. Liz B.

“I had my eyebrows cosmetically enhanced with permanent makeup at Age Less, and have been thrilled by the comments made by my friends and neighbours regarding the quality of the work done and the satisfaction I feel at having the procedure done.  Thank you.” Jean C.

"I LOVE THIS PLACE! The technician was very helpful and spent lots of time with me answering all of my million questions. I liked her so much I decided to get my permanent makeup (eyebrows) redone there. It was SO worth it! She did an amazing job and I have been getting tons of compliments! The therapist made me feel great about myself! She was very sweet to me and all the staff have been great – on my 3 visits so far! I will definitely go back for any other treatments I may have in the future!” Sandra

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