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Non Surgical Muscle Sculpting - That works!

With Quantum DEFINE you can get more toned, sculpted muscles in only a few weekly relaxing 30 minute sessions.

Using the most advanced high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology to directly stimulate motor neurons, so that your muscles expand and contract continuously while you lay down & relax.

You cannot achieve this kind of contraction with classic exercise. This 30 minute treatment uses a strong energy pulse to stimulate 20,000 muscle contractions, which simultaneously metabilizes the fat cells surrounding these muscles to give you a visibly leaner & more sculpted look.

BENEFITS of High Frequency Muscle Sculpting
- Customized Muscle Training Modes
- Safe & non invasive with no recovery time.
- Saves time & effort, 30 minutes = 20,000  sit ups or squats
- No pain . No Sweat . No Downtime!

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