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Naked Skin Facials

Get your 'Naked Skin' ON!

These fully customized, 'skin perfecting,' high tech facial treatments are custom designed to address & correct various skin concerns - combining a minimum of 5 European Technologies from the latest generation Hydra SKIN Pro device.

You're 'movie star' experience begins with a deep yet gentle cleansing - using one of 3 high tech cleansing modalities . . .

- Hydra Wand
- Ultrasonic Wand
- Hydra Foam

Your refreshed skin is revealed after a state of the art exfoliation to remove dull, dead skin cells & congestion using one of the following options . . .

- Dermaplaning
- Diamond Microdermabrasion
- Ultrasonic Peeling
- Designer Peel

This is followed by a refreshing Oxygen Cocktail Mist Serum Infused by one of the following options . . .
- Nano Infusion
- Hydra Infusion
- Oxygen Jet Infusion

Next we bring on the light with a  customized Photopulsation Panel to target . . .
- Sun Damage
- Congestion / Acne
- Redness
- Aging Skin

A 2nd Serum Cocktail Infusion is layered to increase hydration & radiance.

A deeply hydrating  application of our exclusive custom blended CosMEDermal Rx Day Radiance Cream is delivered to seal in all the goodness of your Serum Infusions with one of the following options . . .
- RF Firming Probe
- Micro Currents Lifting Probe
- Soothing Cool Probe
, to complete this amazing skin transforming experience.


Allow 120 minutes.
From: 1100.00
Because skin ages at several levels, a mini series of customized weekly sessions will address, minimize & correct various skin conditions such as pigmentary concerns, skin sagging, volume loss, muscle sagging, unwanted texture such as wrinkles, acne scars & enlarged pores, rosacea & skin redness, congested/rough skin, acne & its effects may be required for visible & long lasting results.

Take your Naked Skin Facials to the next level of bliss with customized relaxation add-ons: - from 45.00 per.
-Herbal Foot Soak with Luxurious Peach Paraffin wrap & heated booties.
-Application of hydrating anti aging hand cream followed by nourishing, warming Peach Paraffin infused Hand gloves.
-Aromatherapy infused heated neck compress to release neck & shoulder tension with Hydrating, Purifying, or Firming  Custom Mask from a selection of 16 customized options.
Luxurious, aromatherapy Scalp Massage with circulation stimulating Serum Massaged into the scalp during your custom Mask.

Spectacular Non Surgical Results you can see & feel!

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