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Saliva Hormone Testing In Victoria BC

Hormone Testing With Saliva

Saliva Testing Advantages

Saliva testing specifically measures free, unbound hormone levels. This is because saliva-producing, or acinar, cells only allow unbound steroid hormones into the salivary ducts. This eliminates the need to estimate how much circulating hormone is present in the body.

If measuring total hormone levels in serum, calculations are required to estimate levels of free hormone. Even then, the levels are estimates and are not predictably reliable measures of free hormone activity at the tissue level. The advantage of salivary testing is creating a useful picture of biologically active levels of hormones at the tissue and cellular level.

Noninvasive Sample Collection

Hormone testing in women and men is a completely non-invasive, stress free method of accurately measuring hormone levels, not just at that moment in time, but throughout a day, a week, or longer.


Clients collect their samples in the convenience of their own home and mail the samples straight to the laboratory for their provider to receive the results.

We believe that if a target substance can be identified and measured in saliva, there is no need for a blood test. Blood tests can be expensive, more labour intensive, inconvenient, and carry the risk of adverse health outcomes. We recommend choosing a non-invasive diagnostic test as a primary option.

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