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With the AGE LESS multi faceted Quantum - European - Body & Skin Shaping System we can truly customize your treatments to the nth degree for lasting results you can be proud of too!

We customize your complete Body Shaping protocol with our Computerized QUANTUM Nutrient & Body Chemistry Analysis so you know what your body needs at the cell level without guessing - to feel happy with your results long term.



  • Reduce (1) targeted pockets of unwanted fat in various body and face areas, utilizing the latest cryolipolysis –a fat freezing technology.


  • Reduce (2) Lipo Laser Technology uses light energy to further break down fat into free fatty acids for elimination by the lymphatic system.

  • Reduce (3) TriPolar RF technology uses Radio Frequencies at specific therapeutic temperatures for an effective, warming and comforting body shaping treatment with skin tightening benefits too.


  • Reduce (4) HI-Ultrasounds Technology uses high intensity Ultrasounds to break up stubborn cellulite.

  • Reduce (5) ElectroMesotherapy Technology gives you another targeted, customized European modality using electroporation to deliver sterile homeopathic customized cocktails to the cell receptor sights of cellulitic areas for truly remarkable visible results.


  • Reduce (6) Computerized, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage Quantum Technology.

By opening up the lymph pathways the body can successfully eliminate the metabolic wastes released by the fat reducing devices.


Once excess fat is reduced we can effectively address the underlying muscles needing tone & definition.


  • Restore (1) muscle mass with High Intensity EMS technology to further break down remaining fat cells while quickly & painlessly building & defining your muscles. Most body areas can be treated until you get the definition you want.

  • Restore (2) Contour Micro Current Treatments provides specific protocols to create more definition on those within 15 lbs of their ideal body weights using different fitness levels.


Once your body shape is where you want it to be, we can address any skin imperfections that bother you.


  • Refine (1) Removal of benign skin growths with RF Probe - effective on sunspots, keratosis & benign moles.

  • Refine (2) Cryoprobe removal of benign growths using a cold targeted Nitrous Oxide Technology.


  • Refine (3) Q Switched Yag Laser for various vascular, benign skin discolourations & stretch marks. Also for  Tattoo Removal & fungal nails.

  • Refine (4) Skin firming, pain reducing LED Bed to increase overall skin elasticity. A relaxing 30 min twice weekly protocol to help the tensile strength & smoothness of your skin, while reducing aches, pains & inflammation.

  • Refine (5) removal of fine red and purple capillaries to rejuvenate your legs and feet - Targeted Diode Laser.

Enjoy a series of 15 minute Whole Body Vibration sessions to further increase your results after every Body Shaping treatment for FREE.  A value of $30 ea.

REFINE - At Home CosMEDermal Rx Ageless Skin Care - To support your skins needs long term, custom blended to suit your specific needs


  • *Smooth & Glow - Ageless Body Polish with rose hip oil, jojoba wax beads & enzymes to smooth & soften your skin.


  • *Smooth & Glow - Ageless Renutrive Body Oil - a blend of CLA's, GLA's, ALA's & antioxidants with custom aroma therapy for overall firmness & hydration to maintain the skins elasticity.


  • *Smooth & Glow Ageless Leg Gel - a herbalized, cooling leg gel to sooth & refresh tired legs & feet while supporting leg veins.

REFRESH - Maintain your results

  • Specially designed & priced customized Mini Maintenance Packages allow you to continue looking your best while holding on to your initial investment with only 2 to 4 relaxing annual visits-:)

Endless Changing combination of technologies – to suit your evolving needs.

Currently running a 2 for 1 special, buy one area for $3,400.00 & get the second area FREE!*

*Both areas must be performed in a single visit.


With this advanced technology, up to 4 areas can be treated simultaneously.

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