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Stretch Mark Therapy

Are stretch marks stripping your confidence? Pictures showing before and after results of stretch mark treatments.

Stretch marks, medically referred to as striae, are tears in the collagen fibres of tissue that occur due to excessive weight gain, growth spurts, pregnancy & steroid use. These unsightly tears start off pinkish-purple and often fade to white. Some experts believe that, besides the above factors, a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet & tissue also contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks.

Until recently, most doctors believed there was nothing to be done to improve the appearance of stretch marks outside of applying vitamins C & A to the affected area. Today we offer you three effective methods, using Electro-Mesotherapy, Collagen Induction Therapy & the European Deep Herbal Peels, for reducing &/or eliminating stretch marks once & for all.

The results can be outstanding. Pricing is calculated based on the size of the area & texture of the skin, therefore, a consultation to assess is required.

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