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Lash & Brow Tinting From: $24.00

Brow Redesign - Expert Brow Styling with Victorias' Eye Brow Queen:

Get Movie Star Brows! 

Allow 30 mins -  $49.00

Caress Minerals – Makeup Application

Allow 30 mins - $49.00
Caress Minerals – Makeup Lesson

Allow 60 mins  - $74.00
Maintenance - Buff & Shine Pedicure 

Allow 45 mins - $49.00

Medi Pedi's to address problem nails & feet

from: $69.00

Closed Eye


These relaxing treatments require a comprehensive evaluation with photos, measurements and Body Composition Assessment, prior to determining & customizing the most effective treatment series to give you visible & lasting results.

**[Price based on size & number of areas.]**

· Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage

- Reduces false fat, bloating & excess body fluids while increasing sense of well-being & energy.

· Slim Toning – Targeted Spot & Cellulite Reduction

- Targets 3 different types of cellulite effectively

· Contour Treatments – Non-Surgical Breast, Buttock & Belly Uplifting

– Effectively assists in the lifting of larger muscle groups

· Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening with Low Level Laser*

- Targets fatty tissue while simultaneously tightening the skin with 2 custom wavelengths

Each from: $149.00

 *Lose inches and contour stubborn areas painlessly with these state of the art European technologies*

Special Package Pricing Available for Multiple Areas

Body Measurements


Still The Best Pricing & Most Comfortable Treatments In Town!

***No Price Increases For The Last 12 Years.***

Customized state of the art European LASER technologies to safely & effectively reduce your unwanted facial & body hair of colour.*

*(NB: Lasers cannot treat * bright red, pale blonde & white hair )

over a series of comfortable treatments in a relaxing atmosphere

. Affordable, Safe, Effective!

Accurate Pricing Provided At Your FREE No Obligation Assessment

Facial Areas from: $68.00*

Under Arms from: $119.00*

Bikini *Your Choice of 5 Bikini Styles from: $129.00*

*Best Pricing based on a prepaid set of 2 session*

NOTE: As each person varies in size & density of hair,

 in order to provide you with the fairest possible pricing Larger Body Areas such as arms, legs, backs, chests, abdominal & buttocks etc are assessed by individual consultation – SAVE $100.00 off a prepaid hour of laser, bank what you don't use for future visits.


Rejuvenate your legs with targeted, non-invasive yet relaxing therapies, using a select combination of proven European Technologies and Techniques for outstanding visible results.


Consultation required. From: $120.00

Substantial Savings & BONUSES on Packages


- Cellulite Reduction

Minimize  lumps & bumps

-Vein Reduction

Reduce purple & red broken capillaries

-Fatigue Reduction

Reduce the aches & pains from overworked legs

-Swollen Legs

Reduce interstitial fluids from your swollen legs

Couple on the Beach
Young Man in Glasses


LOW LEVEL LASER Hair Therapy (LLLHT) uses an advanced European Technology that combines hundreds of non-thermal low level laser diodes and has been well documented, tested and proven to safely stimulate the scalp to promote the regrowth of lost or fine hair. The result over time is a restorative reaction that clears the debris that congests hair follicles & shafts, swells the cortex and closes the cuticles preventing the growth of hair; which stimulates new hair growth and enhances the thickness of existing fine hair.

Two relaxing 45 minute visits per week over 12 - 18 months can create amazing results in cases of hair loss!

From: $65.00*

*Substantial Savings available on prepaid quarterly packages.*

**Once desired regrowth is attained we offer an affordable easy to use Home Maintenance system to assist you to hold onto your initial investment long term.**

Smiling Redhead


Leading edge technologies for the effective reduction of benign skin growths, such as keratoses, assorted moles, skin tags, fatty deposits, cherry dots, small broken capillaries.

Comfortable... Effective... Affordable!

From: $149.00

Model Posing Bare Shoulder


Say Goodbye To Your Tattoo Regrets!

*Three Customized Methods*

Find out why our discerning clients at Age Less Laser Centres centrally located here near you in the Saanich District of Victoria, BC who are concerned about the appearance and safety of their skin after their Tattoo Removal treatments choose us!

Our Certified Para Medically trained Clinicians are versed in all aspects of skin corrective therapies and Laser Certified.

They offer our clients a wealth of experience in the safe removal or fading of your unwanted ink.

Using state of the art Q Switched Yag Technology, advanced delivery of treatments such as medical grade topical anesthetics, and the experience in successfully delivering our exclusive  4/20 Tattoo Removal Method which can reduce your unwanted ink up to 40% after the very first session.

We offer you the ultimate in comfort, safety& results.

From: $149.00
Accurate pricing by FREE consultation. SAVE even more with a series of 6 sessions divided by 3 easy payments.


Lunch Time - Age Perfecting Facial Peels


If high tech is more your style,  then Diamond Micro Dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Peeling will purify and deeply cleanse your pores.

Or you can choose from our outstanding assortment of Chirally Correct Skin Fitness Designer Peels, here at our facility centrally located in the Royal Oak area in Victoria BC.

The appropriate series of these will provide outstanding results.

When time is of the essence yet results are required, these state of the art customized skin perfecting, no down time treatments are sure to increase your glow
30 minutes - of any of the above plus

Custom Serums & Marine Collagen Peel Off - Firming Masque

40 minutes - as above plus an extra 10 minutes of more . . .


woman in towel
Screenshot_20220206-230220_Samsung Inter


A customized selection of targeted, results oriented, facial care incorporating an assortment of leading edge technologies offered at Age Less Laser Centres, centrally located here in the Royal Oak area in Victoria, BC to address a multitude of skin imbalances & aging aspects.

Depending on your goals & skin condition the appropriate series of these will take your complexion to another level of being.

A FREE Professional 15 min. Skin Analysis is also included prior to experiencing any results focused Skin Perfect Rx treatments  from $149.00

Allow from 30 to 60 minutes

 Hydra Moist –Utilizing  2 technologies  with a marine collagen peel off masque to assist  dry, dehydrated devitalized skins hold onto moisture and increase their glow.

Hydra Lift–Utilizing Micronized Currents  to increase muscle tone & hydration

 Hydra Refine – Combining Micro Dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Peeling with Skin Fitness Peels to reduce congestion,  black & white heads leaving the skin supple and moist

Lighten  Plus– Combining Ultrasounds, Skin Fitness Peel & masque  to greatly reduce melasma.

*Additional customized results focused Facials are available to address such conditions as Active Acne, Skin Laxity, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Acne Scars & Wrinkles utilizing lasers & other state of the art technologies starting from  $275.*


- Correct pricing established at complimentary consultation.-


*Consultations are required to assess individual concerns, create a customized protocols & establish best possible pricing.

Microblading Plus & Permanent Makeup – To Enhance Your Brows, Liners & Lips. Lasting From 2 to 5 Plus Years.

Derma Pigmentation – to re-implant areolas after breast reconstruction surgery & to reduce the appearance of vitiligo & other skin discolourations.

Photo Facials - Targeted skin rejuvenating therapy to address pigmentation (sun damage), diffused redness (Rosacea), Acne, & Skin Laxity, utilizing state of the art Intense Pulsed Light, Photo Pulsation.

Collagen Induction – 7 customized  non-injectable, affordable methods to stimulate your skin to grow itself back where you have acne scars, enlarged pores & wrinkles.

Skin Tightening - State of the art Lpw Level Laser, Deep Focused Ultrasounds, Mono Polar &Tri-  Polar Radio Frequency technologies to firm loose, sagging skin.

Scar Revision Therapies – To minimize & soften various types of scars, from surgeries to burn scars on face or body.

Woman in Grey Suit



Exclusively at Age Less Laser Centres near you in the Saanich District of  Victoria, BC.

Our Reigning Signature WOW!!! Treatment

See why our clients give the Deep Peel Rave Reviews!!

Organic European Deep Peels

Addresses 7 skin conditions simultaneously in one outstanding session for smoother, firmer, brighter more glowing  skin in only 7 days

- Guaranteed!!

Visibly reduces wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, pigmentation,

skin congestion, acne

and skin sagging in one painless session.

Choose from Deep*, Medium and Light Depths Peel Treatments

*Only one day of down time - for the Deep Version*

From: 145.00 per facial area


Available to significantly reduce stretch marks, sun damage and tighten loose, crepey body skin.

Ideal for the firming of the skin on lose under arms, inner thighs, tummies and breasts.

*Pricing based on size & number of areas - Determined at Consultation

Natural Beauty

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