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Custom Blended Skin Care
In Victoria BC

For Truly Lasting, Visible Results!
Your skin Isn't Like Anyone Else's, Why Should Your Skin Care Be?

The CosMEDermal Rx Vegan, 95% organic Bio-Active Skin Care program has been scientifically formulated with active botanical bases using stronger concentrations of the purest - essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatories, intensified vitamins, essential oils, penta & hexa peptides & nano technology delivery systems to bring you the latest skin rejuvenating ingredients which create a perfect balance of moisture, lipids and nutrients to balance every skin type & condition.

Unlike over the counter, one size fits all formulations, which often have very small quantities of actives as well as dubious preservatives & other chemicals; a visible lasting increase in resiliency, firmness, hydration and glow become evident within the first few days of use.

Find out why we continue to custom blend & ship this amazing skin care program to many discriminating clients who've moved out of the country. Dollar for dollar, CosMEDermal Rx Custom Blended Skin Care is a similar cost to top department store brands, however, due to high concentration of actives, a typical 2 oz jar will last twice as long as the department store counterparts, so the cost per use is very affordable for this Cadillac product line.

Because your skin is as individual as you are, we incorporate the magic of Quantum Science to blend up to 4 potentized Master Serums with the frequencies of between 40 to 60 skin benefiting substances into your already super nourishing bases, such as intensified vitamins, herbs, amino acids and humectants, to further assist you with inflammation, hormone imbalances and more. With frequency therapy there is no chance for strange and unwanted reactions as only the vibrations of the substances are infused into the products to give them added power.

These exceptional formulas include a large array of the latest and most active concentrated ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C-Ester, Co-Q10 Enzyme and phyto-estrogens, grape seed extract and Sea Buckthorne Berry Oil, amongst many others.

To prolong the desired  results of your professional skin rejuvenation therapies, only the best will do.

CosMEDermal Rx Cosmeceuticals - Fueled by Nature . . . Powered by Science

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