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Lip Liner, Lip Colour & Lip Augmentation

Lip Liner, properly applied using the microblading technique, enhances the existing lip line and can improve lip symmetry while helping to camouflage any scars, such as hair lips. Lip Augmentation, or Lip Volumizing as it's often referred to, increases the perceived size and fullness of the natural lip line while creating a poutier, more dimensional look, without the need for ongoing costly injections. Loss of natural lip colour through the aging process is natural and can benefit dramatically from this microblading procedure, as well as from Full Lip Staining. It is important to note that full lip colour, using the microblading technique, cannot be applied without first having lip liner applied. Our aim at Age Less Laser Centres is to give you a healthy looking, natural and more lush mouth. You may still want to wear lipstick or gloss from time to time to coordinate with your wardrobe, but you likely won't need to.

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