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Q. Are there any possible risks associated with your treatments?

A. Clients who have had gold injections are not candidates for Laser treatments.

Q. Do you use authentic laser treatment machine for your services?

A. Yes, we offer 1064 Q switched & Long Pulsed Yag, 808 & 980 Diode Lasers as well as CO2 Fractional laser.

Q. What kind of pain should I expect?

A. Our technologies are latest generation and offer many customizable options and paramaters to ensure your utmost comfort.

Q. How long does it take for skin to heal after laser treatment?

A. There really is no down time to most laser treatments. The Fractional CO2 is the only laser protocol that will require 7 to 10 days before your beautiful new skin is revealed.

Q. Can I wash my face or put moisturizer after laser treatment?

A. Typically yes, using a mild cleanser & serum with gentle patting motions.

Q. Does skin peel after laser treatment?

A. Skin will only peel after a CO2 Laser treatment.

Q. Can I use Vitamin C after laser?

A. Depending on what type of laser treatment you have done and whether it is on your face or body. We can advise at your complimentary consultation.

Q. Can I wear makeup after laser?

A. Depending on which type of laser treatment is performed. We will advise on custom post care at your initial consultation.

Q. How do you reduce redness after laser resurfacing?

A. We either use a chiller technology during and post treatment or the unit being used provides its own cooling system.


Q. How long does pigmentation take to fade after laser?

A. Depending on what type of pigmentation you present with; age spots, sun damage or melasma. The first 2 are often faster to treat but they all typically require a custom series of treatments with specific technologies. For Melasma, Q Switched Yag technology alternated with Photo Dynamic Therapy and skin lightening peels can provide outstanding results.

Q. Do brown spots or capillaries return after laser treatment?

A. They can, depending on how faithful you are with using the recommended custom blended post treatment skin care products a good sunscreen & hats when exposed to UV rays.

Q. Which laser is best for dark spots?

A. Q Switched or long pulsed Yags are safest on darker skin tones.

Q. How many treatments should I get?

A. As everyone & every skin is different an initial Digital/Texting Consultation with photos of areas of concern submitted is first done to determinate your candidacy for treatment. If it looks like you could be a candidate for the specific treatment then a face to face assessment would need to be done to determine the approximate number of treatments that might be required & their frequency etc.

Q. What is your policy if I still have issues after these treatments?

A. No one can predict the exact moment each persons pigment, capillaries, acne, wrinkles etc., will no longer be visible to the naked eye. However based on many years of experience along with many thousands of highly satisfied clients, our clear understanding of most skin types, skin combinations & various skin conditions, we are invariably very close. Ultimately - you the client are the one to tell us when you feel sufficiently satisfied with your results to that point. We will always let you know up front what a realistic outcome can be when our recommendations are implemented.

Q. How does laser skin resurfacing work?

A. Laser skin rejuvenation/ corrective treatments work by using specific wave lengths of light that penetrate to various levels of the dermis ( 2nd layer of the skin) in some cases bypassing melanin to ensure a comfortable & safe delivery to the targeted area thereby affecting the desired change and outcome.

Q. What do laser treatments feel like?

A. If we are using a 1064 Q Switched Yag it typically feels like little pings, but not painful. If having a CO2 Fractional skin resurfacing treatments or 980 Diode vascular treatments, then a more intense prikling sensation can be felt; prenumbing with medical strength topical anesthetics along with topical cooling will ensure your ultimate comfort.

Q. Are there any complications with laser resurfacing?

A. Typically if a client meets the criteria for being a good candidate for a specific laser technology & follows the specific at home post care instructions then complications are typically not a concern.

Q. How do I take care of my skin immediately after treatment?

A. Depending on which technology is being used & the application then either a customized Body Lotion, face Serum &/or a soothing Zinc Ointment is recommended.

Q. How long will the healing process take?

A. With our advanced laser & light technologies there is typically no down time.

Q. What payment methods do you take?

A. We accept, E Transfer, Debit, Visa & Master Card.

Q. Do you offer payment plans or financing?

A. Yes we do. We have in house installment payments for certain packages as well as affordable financing OAC through Credit Medical & Medicard through easy online application.

Q. How old do patients have to be, to be eligible for treatments at your clinic?

A. In BC clients need to be over 19 years of age to not require the consent of a guardian or parent.

Q. I am pregnant, can I still undergo treatments at your laser clinic?

A. Depending on which laser, area and type of treatment is required and since these technologies do not penetrate beyond the dermis typically you can safely be treated with an OK from your Doctor.

Q. Where can I make a complaint if I’m unhappy with your service?

A. As we have been offering these high tech yet holistic procedures for over 20 years successfully, & as we always do a pre, during & post treatment evaluation, dissatisfied clients have not been a problem at Age Less.

Q. What if my questions are not addressed here?

A. They can be answered via a quick Text / Digital Assessment or at your complimentary consultation.

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