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Measure your stress, don't guess what your bodies up to, 40 different categories, bio energetic assessment.

Customized Energetic Wellness Therapies

Bio-energetic Testing & Therapy is currently recognized internationally as one of the most significant breakthroughs in medicine in many years. Three reasons account for this new level of acceptance: the treatment is totally non-invasive & painless, it is affordable & it is clinically very accurate & effective. The technique is well understood, accepted & widely used in many countries including Germany, Japan, France, England, and the US and CANADA. One major advantage of this approach is that it works in recognition of the biochemical uniqueness of the client, taking the guesswork out of selecting the appropriate nutritional supplements or energetic interventions that are best suited for each individual.


What Happens During Treatment?

Subconscious Bio-Energetic Testing uses a computer program with specific software designed to analyze and treat stress. It utilizes small straps, which are attached to the clients’ ankles, wrists & forehead. These are able to measure & feed frequency information between the system and the client with a feedback loop. The device zeros in on your frequency pulse and sends back an alternate pulse to which your body responds. In turn, your body alters its own frequency pulse, thus creating a change.

Our cells network together to keep our body in harmony. Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all have resonant frequencies. We actively interact with frequencies all the time. Sound and color have frequencies and we experience changes in our moods, emotions and in our physical body as different waves of frequencies push against us.

Since most of the “break downs” that occur in the body are caused by stress, Subconscious Bio-Energetic testing is designed to energetically scan and harmonize the body's stressors and imbalances through immediate feedback on such things as possible deficiencies, toxic allergens, hormones, emotions, meridians, pain, etc.

Your Body Has Specific Nutritional & Detoxification Requirements - Do You Know What They Are? Customized Supplementation Program - Just For You!

It has been medically established that individual biochemistry directly affects how we metabolize proteins & carbohydrates. Whether our system efficiently metabolizes carbohydrates or stores them as fat cells greatly influences our ability to stay thin. As we age our bodies also tend to become more toxic, insulin resistant & less able to absorb nutrients. With a Nutritional & Body Chemistry Analysis we are able to customize a “non-diet” way of eating that suits your individual bio-chemistry by identifying food sensitivities &/or allergies & determining vitamin, mineral & amino acid deficiencies. A report on adrenal & glandular functions, mental energy (stress), oxygenation, hydration levels, meridian energy, acid (alkaline) balance & recommended treatment improvement is also provided. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites & heavy metals can all be identified to allow for proper detoxification & at home care recommendations.


"I have been on medication for low thyroid & was feeling extremely tired, mentally fuzzy & losing large quantities of hair. The Biofeedback system was able to indicate that my synthetic thyroid medicine was not working. I have since started on a natural thyroid remedy & feel like a new person. I would recommend this to anyone interested in maintaining & improving their health". Maria S. – 65 Victoria

"My right shoulder had been aching badly for two years due to a torn rotator cuff. After having only one 20 minute soft tissue therapy session on your Bio-Energetic system, I have been pain free for the last 10 years. I don't really understand how this technology works, but it has helped me & I have recommended it to my friends." Joyce S - Retired RN - 85 years young

Only when all these factors have been taken into consideration can we then create a customized “non-diet” way of eating & be certain of which supplements would benefit our system. The frequencies of over 9000 substances have been entered into this sophisticated system that allows for the accurate testing of your “subtle” energy fields to be calibrated & tested against them. This provides a very accurate picture of what substances are compatible or not with your very individual biochemistry.


·Reports on:

Adrenal Function, Mental Energy, Oxygenation, Hydration, Meridian Energy, Acid/Alkaline balance and Stress & Sex Hormones

· Comprehensive Nutritional Profile

Determines vitamin, mineral, amino acids and enzyme deficiencies

· Digestive Processes

How do you digest proteins, carbs & fats?

· Allergy & Sensitivities Profile

Shows environmental &/or food sensitivities

· Spinal Test - Looks at energetic imbalances in the spine, such as subluxations, compressions, degenerations, pinched nerves & birth defects & more.

· Neuro Emotional Panel - any emotional attachment to physical conditions, as well as any unresolved emotional issues.

· Neurotransmitter Levels – Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxitocyn & more.

· Homotoxicology – Looks at environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, chlorine, halogens, viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria’s & so much more

· Brain Scan – Looks at nutrition & inflammation

as well as identifying possibilities for ADD, ADHD

Bio-Energetic Testing & therapies are available to effectively assist you with . . .
Weight Loss / Cellulite

Detoxification / Internal Cleansing

Stress Reduction

Increased Memory Functioning

Addiction Release

Depression / Insomnia

Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & so much more

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