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Image showing before & after pictures of fat loss on waist and arms. Get slim & trim without breakind a sweat using cryolipoysis & tri polar RF Technologies.

Inch Loss & Spot Reduction

Ask us how we can help you with painless, effective weight & inch loss right here near you in the Saanich District of Victoria BC.

Control Your Weight, Cellulite & Lose Inches With Non Invasive,

Targeted Therapies that work!

At Age Less Laser Centres - Victoria Weight Loss Clinic in the Saanich District of Victoria BC, we can help you get a handle on your body shape and size utilizing a variety of proven customized, painless European Technologies and Methods for results you will see and feel.


From: 149.00*

Priced per size & number of areas

SAVE - Special Package Pricing Available

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Lipo Slim Laser

Tri Polar RF

Mono Polar RF

Micro Body Contouring


Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage

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