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About Age Less Laser Centres

Our Healthy Aging Management Philosophy

At Age Less Laser Centres, we believe that everyone can age less and age well. Many of our Healthy Aging Modalities have an added bonus of also contributing to better looking skin on the outside. We encourage you to take a pro-active approach to remaining healthy and vital well into your 80's and beyond by being willing to invest in your well-being and appearance today


That's why our highly trained Clinicians are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date healthy aging, skin corrective / rejuvenating procedures using leading edge technologies and techniques from around the world.

We invite you to check out our overview of most of the Skin & Body Rejuvenating and Healthy Aging Services we have to offer as well as valuable information on our customized products,  allowing you to make better informed decisions about which direction to take in your quest for wellness and appearance enhancement

Read on to find out why over the past 2 decades, thousands of discerning clients right here in Victoria, BC and from the world over have chosen Age Less Laser Centres as their best choice for taking care of their appearance and wellness needs!

We can help to make your life more beautiful . . .

Permanent Makeup - Microblading Plus*

At Age Less Laser Centres we offer you expertly and artistically applied Permanent Makeup - Microblading Plus* Procedures. These natural looking, long lasting procedures (2-5 years) will beautifully enhance and define your features so that you can wake up looking your very best. Artistically applied Permanent Makeup (Micro-Pigmentation) can give you the appearance of perfectly applied makeup, all day - every day! For that wash and wear low maintenance look that so many women crave.

To augment and enhance the volume of your lips long term, as well as to better define and improve their shape and symmetry non-surgically, we offer you lasting, Paramedical Lip Volumizing Enhancement. This specialized procedure is designed to give you a beautiful, natural-looking fuller mouth that can last 2-5 years, at a fraction of the cost of ongoing injectable fillers such as Rystaline™, Perlane™, Cosmoderm™ and Hylaform™ which typically need to be re-injected every few months.

Skin Care & Body Rejuvenation

Problem skin? – no problem! How frustrating it is to live with acne, blemishes and marks on your skin that can affect your self esteem. With our non invasive, preventative, corrective and rejuvenating Skin treatments for Acne, Pigmentation, Melasma, Spider Veins, Wrinkles and Skin Laxity, as well as the effective reduction of Cellulite, Stretch Marks, unwanted Fat & Weight, excess body Hair, Benign Skin Growths and Scars, you can feel truly confident about your appearance.

The Skin of your Dreams right here in Victoria, BC

Our 7 outstanding Collagen Induction Modalities are perfect for diminishing wrinkles, large pores, acne scars and pigment while also visibly tightening your skin. It can even effectively diminish the deeper furrows such as those that often appear in the glabellar area (above the nose and between the eyebrows) that many women choose to get temporarily paralyzed with the Botulinum Toxin- BOTOX™. This means that you can still have your facial movements and expressions – just no more angry furrows etched into your face. What's more, when properly done, this process, once complete, will require very few touch ups over a period of years, and has no known side effects. A customized series of any of our 7 Collagen Induction Modalities will stimulate your own skin to produce new collagen and thus become stronger, firmer, smoother and more resilient long term! How great is that?

Non-Surgical Facelift

Want the look of a facelift but are not yet ready or don't want to face associated risks and costs of actual surgery? Why not try our proven yet gentle  SKIN PERFECT Rx - Skin Lifting treatments? A painless, relaxing, customized series of these amazing muscle lifting treatments will provide  lasting, visible results. Our state of the art Micro Current Muscle & Collagen stimulating system was developed in Europe and is the favourite of many European Celebrities and Royalty who prefer a more natural approach to aging well.

Targeted Fat Reduction & Inch Loss

For those stubborn areas that refuse to budge no matter how carefully you eat or how hard you exercise; our exclusive customized & healthy Fat Reduction Program can combine up to 6 effective modalities to reduce 3 different types of cellulite while significantly addressing inch and weigh reduction painlessly and effectively. In fact we guarantee that if you follow one of our customized protocols you will be impressed with how you look and feel. Find out why our clients refer to this  European System as 'liposuction without surgery'.

Laser Hair Removal in Victoria BC

Never shave or wax again!  As Victorias' Hair Removal Specialists for the past 18 years, we are pleased to offer you several fourth  generation Laser and IPL systems for truly safe, comfortable and effective permanent hair removal that is customized to your skin and hair colour to give you smooth stubble free skin on your face and body.

We also offer you our exclusive Hair Free – a non-wax, soy-based, liquid hair removal system that is much gentler than typical waxing. It can effectively be used on facial and other sensitive body areas with practically none of the discomfort of waxing, and with virtually no more ingrown hairs.

Teeth Whitening

Once your complexion is looking its best it might be a great idea to finish off your refreshed look by brightening up your smile with our state of the art Low Level Laser -Teeth Whitening professional treatment. This amazingly powerful yet gentle system can lighten your teeth up to 11 shades whiter in under one hour. Unlike some other systems on the market, it won't make your teeth more sensitive, or cause the tooth pulp to dehydrate, which can cause your teeth to become brittle and eventually crack. We can customize this protocol to your own tooth and gum sensitivity – making it virtually discomfort free.

Bio-Identical Hormone Testing

Only you can tell when you're not your 'ole' self any longer.  If you find yourself feeling less than optimal and no one in the normal channels is able to provide answers or solutions to your health imbalances, then perhaps it might be time to check out the world of Quantum science to better understand which stressors are adversely affecting you.

With our advanced, evidence based training  in healthy aging and longevity, you have so many non invasive options that permit you to age really well. We are delighted to offer you Bio-Identical Hormone Counseling to assist you in asking your physician the right questions so that you can stay young by keeping your hormones at youthful levels. We are also very pleased to offer the ultimate in world class Bio-energetic testing and entrainment  which measures over 40 different stressors that can negatively impact your well-being.

Age Less Laser Centres has the distinct honour of being the recipient of SPA Life Magazines' - OUTSTANDING SPAS AWARD for our proactive approach to women's health issues with the introduction of the tried, tested and proven, non-radiating German technology - the CRT, known as Contact Regulation Thermography or Computer Regulated Thermography Full Body Screening. This comprehensive non invasive scan measures 98 points of your body including your lymph, ovaries and liver, as well as 26 specific points on the breasts; and so, when used in conjunction with conventional methods, can better assist in identifying health imbalances early. This can provide you with a lot of peace of mind.

Let us help make your life more beautiful

We recognize that in today's busy world, not everyone has the extra time for long drawn out treatment procedures to turn back the hands of time, but this doesn't mean you have to miss out on some much needed relaxation on your quest to looking and feeling your very best long term. As such we offer you some comforting luxury with each treatment procedure in our well appointed treatment rooms.

Our goal has always been to provide exclusive, state of the art, age defying Skin and Body PERFECT Rx protocols that offer you the ultimate in results focused facial and body rejuvenating treatments available anywhere in Victoria BC, in 60 minutes or less. Find out why clients fly in from the world over to enjoy our unique life enhancing treatments.


We Invite You To Come As You Are . . . Leave As You Want To Be!

Because . . . Every "masterpiece" deserves a little restoration

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