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Be Hair Free Permanently with Art Laser Technologies

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

An introduction on how specific laser treatments Effectively Address Various Skin & Body Concerns BOOK A CONSULTATION

Before and after of laser hair removal on mans back.

Were you aware? Each of our European technologies have been selected for the incredible results they provide as well as their versatility. They allow our clinicians to design a wide variety of customized treatment plans to address many skin corrective & restorative concerns, for face & body. These specialized lasers and light-based treatments are used to target sun damage while stimulating collagen and so much more to achieve numerous different desired results.

Chat with us about the treatment possibilities to address your specific skin &/or Body Shaping concerns with a Complimentary Assessment with our experienced Lead Clinician for results you can be proud of. Here are a few of the examples that clearly illustrate the many possibilities. Do keep scrolling to learn about the 7 different ways we can use light-based and laser treatments! # 1 - Hair Removal on light to dark skin tones and dark blond to black hair. Unfortunately lasers do not work on white, light grey or red hair. #2 - Skin Corrective/ Rejuvenation procedures - to address, Acne, Rosacea, Sun Damage, and firming. #3 - Fungal Nails #4 - Leg Capillaries #5 - Hair Loss #6 - Fat Reduction #7 - Tattoo Removal Call us to find out which of the above technologies will be best at safely addressing any of the above concerns. We invite you to come as you are & leave as you want to be.


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