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Skin Care in your 40's & 50's | Ask The Skin Perfectionists Now

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered why you see your skin changing dramatically once you hit your 40's & 50's? We at Age Less Laser Centres help you to brighten your outlook. Check our Photo Facials The Shape of Your Skin in Your Forties & Fifties has a lot to do with intrinsic & extrinsic factors. During this time, sex (gender specific) hormones, begin to decline but invariably stress hormones can be at their highest peak increasing the inflammation cascade, which contributes to a loss of collagen density.

Silver haired woman smiling

The skin often becomes drier and thinner, with oil production diminishing - this can be a good thing if you've struggled with oily skin in your younger years as now it is much less shiny. Unfortunately with less oil, lines and wrinkles become more pronounced on the face and hands. You may begin noticing loose skin on the jowl and neck areas. Often the brow and surrounding eye area begin to descend and look softer due to loss of elasticity. The texture of your skin may become less smooth and can appear dehydrated which can make lines and wrinkles more noticeable. During this time its best to keep your weight stable as larger weight loss in the middle ears will tend to diminish the fatty areas that make the face look more youthful thus accentuating any areas beginning to sag. As well during this time is when most women are working hard, raising a family, running a home while often caring for elderly parents; stress levels tend to be higher. This is a crucial point in a woman's life when she needs to decide how she wants to look in future years. It is a time where Professional Skin Treatments & customized at home care become essential components to aging gracefully. These can be customized to correct visible problems or as preventative safeguards so that when you look in the mirror you continue feeling confident in the SKIN You are IN! Check our Laser & Advanced Technologies By beginning early, you can often avoid more invasive & costly procedures as well as regrets. We now know how to get older without growing old. After all life is not a dress rehearsal. We should all age the way we want to. At Age Less Laser Centres we will be happy to show you how! We have Teeth Whitening services as well! Yours in ageless beauty & wellness.

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