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Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms | Quatum Define Therapy

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Get Summer Ready & SAVE $500. Now you can swap those dratted 'Bat Wings' for Toned, tight arms in only a few state of the art European - Quantum Body Shaping sessions. If you are embarrassed by flabby upper arms that flap around when you move, you are not alone!

Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms Quatum Define Therapy

Do you never go out without wearing long sleeved tops?

Have they gotten worse as you've gotten older?

You are definitely NOT alone!

Stubborn arm fat that never seems to budge no matter how hard you try is actually quite common. After the age of 30 'saggy arm syndrome' affects over 90% of women. At Age Less Laser Centres - Laser Care Clinic Victoria BC, we can help you change that!

If you want to finally have toned, tight & sculpted upper arms or any other body area that don't wiggle & jiggle when you wave, you certainly can! It's actually quite easy! With the Quantum Reduce & Define European technologies exclusive to Age Less Laser Centres your arms can look firm & sculpted in only 3 to 5 relaxing, customized sessions-:)

Chances are your upper arms have started to sag if you are a woman over 30. For many women over 30 their arms seem to get worse with each passing year. At Age Less Laser Centres we have found why women’s arms begin to sag after 30. Since women having less Testosterone than men we tend to accumulate extra fat in our triceps. The aging process does not help this situation either, as our metabolism slows down every decade causing stubborn fat to be stored there.

Secondly as women age & collagen levels decline so unfortunately does the skins' elasticity. This leads to wrinkles, dimpling creepiness and you guessed it, arm skin that sags too. Women naturally have smaller arm & smaller overall muscles than men, but were you aware that once you hit 50 the average 50-year-old woman typically only has 15% muscle mass in comparison to a man of the same age? Without sufficient muscle mass to keep things tight, your skin becomes loose and the fat around the muscles begins to get that unattractive jiggly - jello look. Also check for Non Surgical Body Shaping in Victoria BC

The great news is that there's hope!

Now you CAN finally swap flabby, saggy arms for toned, tight ones in only a few short weeks with Age Less Laser Centres quick 3 step method.

Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms Quatum Define Therapy

#1- Reduce Excess Fat:

With the latest in European state of the art Quantum Lipo Freeze Technology. Depending on the degree of unwanted volume one to two sessions in most areas can safely, permanently reduce & eliminate unwanted stubborn arm fat. Painless Lipo Laser will also reduce unwanted fat.

#2 - Restore Muscle Tone

With Quantum High Frequency EMS Technology - One 30-minute session is equivalent to doing 20,000 pushups. The more muscle you build the more metabolically active your arms & body will become.

#3 - Firm & Tighten Your Skin

With Quantum Tripolar RF - Skin Restore, while Firming the texture and elasticity of your arm skin simultaneously. Once you experience the amazing benefits of our Quantum Arm Shaping protocol. You'll FINALLY have the solution you've wanted for the first time in a long time. With a customized protocol designed specifically for your concerns, you can NOW have the toned, tight arms of YOUR DREAMS!

Call us at 250-433-8300 or Text us at 250-514-7032 TODAY to find out how we can help you get the gorgeous, toned arms you've always wanted.

We offer Acne Treatment Victoria BC also, contact us today.


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