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Improve Skin Tone, Texture and Pigmentation Problems Through Age Less Laser

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

From the Skin Perfectionists at Age Less Laser Centres,

At Age Less Laser Centres and Microblading 'Plus' Clinic we can effectively address your pigmentation and textural skin concerns by incorporating the latest in European technologies along with proven proprietary protocols. Because no 2 skins or clients are alike we do not offer a one size fits all approach to improving your skin texture and pigmentary concerns; rather we employ a comprehensive variety of results based med esthetic procedures which include a wide range of leading edge technologies & custom blended vegan skin care to create visible, lasting results.

Attractive young woman with auburn hair resting chin on palm of hand.

In this Blog we will cover 3 proven methods that have been most effective at addressing skin growths and discolourations which can also address multiple concerns.

1. Electrocauterization RF

Various benign skin growths such as moles, skin tags, cholesterol deposits, cherry dots & age spots can happen as a result of heredity, aging &/or through environmental exposure. Regardless of their origin at Age Less Laser Centres we are able to typically do away with them - once and for all in a matter of minutes. If you're looking for beauty permanent makeup

As our name implies, at Age Less Laser Centres we have multiple laser systems that are specific for a multitude of concerns. Several of these are known to reduce or fade some skin growths, but because none of these are able to provide consistent & lasting results in skin growth removal, we have elected not to use lasers for this type of work as invariably the growths return and the costs to deliver are quite a bit higher.

Our most often used high tech device is a specialized, computerized Electrocautery RF probe that employs 2 types of current with customized probes & programs to quickly target, effectively ablate and cauterize your unwanted growths in a quick, delicate & precise manner with a minimum of discomfort or down time for our clients.

In fact thousands of clients who have had this service here in the past, often refer their family & friends & return years later themselves to remove new skin growths. Invariable we hear comments on how pleased they were & continue to be with their original treatment. This warms our hearts as one of our primary goals is to always offer superior skin corrective treatments that provide effective & lasting results.

2. Photo Facial RF

Another option for flat skin discolourations is using our sophisticated Photo Facial RF light system. This specialized, space age device uses Intense Pulsed Light combined with Radio Frequencies & allows us to effectively target brown spots, cystic acne & red broken capillaries pretty much anywhere on the face or body using customized, heads, filters & programs. Typically a custom series of these are required to achieve lasting results.

3. European Deep Herbal Peeling

One of our most requested proprietary procedures that also addresses a multitude of other skin concerns simultaneously in only one session; is our two part European Deep Herbal Peel procedure which we consider the 'Jewel in our Crown' of age defying / age reversing treatments. Clients are never disappointed.

While seriously stimulating cell turnover in just a few days with only one day of downtime, this sophisticated yet holistic protocol will not only seriously lighten your pigmentary concerns including melasma but will also tighten & visibly smooth out your skin so that in some cases your skin will look poreless with wrinkles visibly fading or completely gone! Check our skin tightening service

Depending on the severity of your concerns a mini series of these Peels performed once per month followed by another of our space age Hydra Moist Infusion Facial procedure - seven (7) days later; will give you truly outstanding & lasting results. In fact we have literally taken 15 plus years off of many happy clients faces with this quick procedure without using Botox or fillers.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a chance to improve your skin tone & texture and fix your pigmentation problems for we also have ample experience to add to the modern techniques and procedures discussed above. For more information on these and several other options for skin growth removal & pigmentation reduction Text 250 - 514 - 7032 or Call us at 778 - 433 - 8300 TODAY to find out if you are a candidate for any of these customized results focused services.


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