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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Hello lovelies!

We are so excited to share some really fantastic news with you! So many of you have commented how frustrated you are with your unwanted Covid weight gain; unfortunately, we can relate to how you are feeling. For most of us putting weight on is so easy, but losing it not so much. Best Laser Skin Treatment

Young woman in fuchsia party dress wearing bunny ears and hair free legs..

Invariably those extra pounds seem to pile up in all the wrong places. We wanted to say... we heard you & feel your pain! But the good news Is hooray! We have found several fabulous solutions to our unwanted weight woes!!

So after a lot of research & consideration we have arranged to bring you several of the latest, no down time, state of the art Body Shaping & Skin Enhancing European technologies bar none. Yup! You heard right we have invested in several NEW European Body Shaping Technologies to effectively target the multiple layers of body tissues that are at the core of our physical shape for the ultimate lasting Body Shaping results; all customized. While you relax, these amazing devices will be working for you.

For a limited time, as VIP Clients you are invited to book in for your FREE no obligation Body Shaping Consultation & a one on one demonstration of these amazing Machines to demystify what's available to help you look your very best in 2022. As well until June 15 / 22 a few lucky ladies can SAVE 50% off a 2nd area when they purchase a customized package for one area:) Permanent Hair Removal Services

With this huge arsenal of technologies, we can effectively & safely target your Lymph, Muscles & Fatty areas including 3 types of Cellulite while also providing several other technologies to give you clearer & firmer body skin. Everything individually customized to the nth degree, because as you know, at Age Less we do not believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to your care.

It doesn't get better than this! With some of the modalities measurable results are immediate, with inch loss, cellulite reduction and muscle definition being the ultimate goal over a customized course of treatments; with the appropriate select blend of these therapies the results can also be lasting.

If any of this intrigues, you do give us a quick call at 778 433 8300 or text us at 250 514 7032 within the next 15 days and we will be happy to assist you with your body shaping concerns & goals and give you a demonstration on how everything works:)

Yours in ageless beauty & wellness.


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