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Inch Loss Therapies

To increase your long term weight management and body shaping results we have created a tried and tested customized, non surgical protocol combining a nutritional consultation and evaluation so that we can create a tasty, 'pain free' customized eating plan for each individuals morphology that will keep your taste buds happy while your unwanted weight drops off.

Clearly, there are too many variables at stake for us to be able to guarantee that some of the weight you lose after participating in our high tech inch and weight reduction protocols will not be regained in the future. In most cases, there are physical, physiological, hormonal, pathological, emotional and genetic factors contributing to excessive weight gain and / or the desire to over-eat, that need to be addressed; as such our comprehensive program is designed to target each and every one of these contributing factors to ensure that, in joint partnership, we can help you to succeed in obtaining lasting weight and inch loss success, combining our wide array of proven European technologies and methods in a customized manner as we refuse to offer a one size fits all approach to any of our results focused therapies.

At your first visit we will discuss your body shaping goals, and coach you on how to best support your customized treatments with specific, but easy to follow, lifestyle adjustments to ensure your long term success. This will be followed by a Full Body Composition Analysis, measures and photos to give us a baseline from which to compare your ultimate results.


A customized protocol  created from our arsenal of state of the art technologies such as Lipo Flush Laser™ for the ultimate in quick, targeted and painless spot reduction with skin tightening. Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage can successfully reduce overall bloating and swollen areas while increasing your energy. Bio Energetic Testing and Therapy can assist in determining the best and most effective ways to detoxify and nutritionally support your very individual body. The famous European CACI Slim Toning & Contour Treatments help to improve your muscle tone while reducing your cellulite. Mono Polar & Tri Polar RF Technologies can also be used to target your stubborn fatty areas. European Organic Deep Peeling, Q Switched Yag Laser and Electro Mesotherapy helps to tighten lose crepey skin on various body areas and greatly reduce the size of stretch marks.

For more information about how our high tech, customized inch and weight loss program can help you right here at Victorias' Weight Loss Clinic can help you regain control of your body shape, please TEXT us at 250-514-7032 or call us today at 778-433-8300.

If you're looking for effective weight loss right here in the Saanich District of Victoria BC - Age Less Laser Centres is your ideal choice.

This could be the first step towards a sleeker, contoured and more toned version of you.

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