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Get a Bigger, Perkier Butt Fast, Know How? Skin Perfectionists at Age Less Laser Centres

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We at Age Less Laser Centres can help you to Get a Perky Butt with No Sweat - No Pain!

Did you know that you can increase your overall fat loss by increasing lean muscle mass in your booty? Since your derriere muscles - the glutes - are some of your body’s' largest muscles, they have major metabolic power.

Before and after depicting positive changes in a womans derrier.

That's right! Not only does a perky tush look great, but it also helps to burn more overall body fat. Yeah! Besides requiring lots of energy and being hard work, traditional exercises, such as lunges & squats help to tone the tush, but they tend to add extra unwanted bulk to your thighs.

So if your butt or any other body area is in need of extra slimming & toning, check out our latest European break through; with our amazing 30-minute no sweat Perky Butt protocol. You heard right! In only 30 relaxing yet stimulating minutes you can reduce extra unwanted inches by 30% while increasing your muscle mass & tone by more than 25% without breaking a sweat!

Sexy young woman in black negligee pulling thong bikini up showing lots of buttocks.

Using the latest breakthrough in fat burning Focusing Magnetic Field with muscle building Focus EMS Technology, you can expect measurable results in only one session. Until the 15th of June, 2022 you can take advantage of this outstanding Introductory SPECIAL when You Buy One Area You Get a 2nd Area FREE. If a more overall trimming & slimming is needed, up to 4 areas can be treated simultaneously:) We are renowned Laser Skin Care Specialist in Victoria BC.

For quickest response Text us at 250 514 7032 or call us at 778 433 8300 Today to take advantage of this amazing limited time offer.

After all what do you have to lose? Except for unwanted inches!


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