(e) Fractional Micro Needling RF Facial X 2 or Multiples Text us at 250 514-7032 if you want to SAVE $450 on neck

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The latest generation of European micro-fractional radio frequency technology utilizing gold plated insulated micro needles to comfortably create tiny controlled wounds in a grid like pattern on the skin delivering a studied temperature of 39 to 41 degrees Celsius of Radio Frequency heat to the dermis.

This effective protocol is scientifically proven to significantly tighten the skin while minimizing large pores etc. A customized series 1 x per month can provide tremendous lasting improvements. Ointment and makeup post treatment allows you to immediately go about your day.
Possible Contraindications are if there are metal plates in the area to be treated. If a pacemaker exists, clearance from your physician is required.

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