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Before & after pictures of eye brow tattooing, micro blading.

Brow Fill  - Microblading & Microblading Plus in Victoria BC

Ask us how we can beautifully enhance your sparse or fair brows to best flatter your colouring and frame your features, right here near you in the Saanich District of Victoria, BC.

Microblading - A method utilizing specific combination of micro needles to insert special pigments into the epidermis or first layer of skin. Can last 2 to 8 months.

Our most requested Brow treatment - Microblading Plus - For those desiring a dimensional brow that can last 2 to 5 years then our proprietary 2 part treatment where the highlight shade is first implanted into the dermal or second layer of the skin which is then followed by a second application of contrasting realistic looking hair strokes 4 to 6 weeks later will provide a beautiful but more lasting effect.


“I first came to Age Less Laser Centre after purchasing a 'deal' on permanent makeup from another local spa. Seeking a patch or repair job on badly done eyeliner, I was hoping for passable. The technicians superior skill exceeded my expectations and actually achieved the look I'd been hoping for all along.

She was able to re-shape the liner on both eyes, and remove excessive pigment from the corner of one eye.  It took place over several visits and her skill and service was consistently excellent throughout.  I would also like to commend all the staff at Age Less on a very high level of both customer service and attention to detail.

For anyone a little wary about a medical spa procedure, I highly recommend the staff at Age Less Laser Centre.  Not only will they set your mind at ease with clear language and realistic expectations, but the atmosphere they've cultivated is conducive to only the most positive experiences”. Thanks Age Less! Christine H.

“I am so very pleased with my permanent eyebrows.  I had some eyebrows to begin with so had this done to supplement my own.  It’s great to wake up and get out of the shower with defined eyes instead of looking washed out.  They look so natural that no one has actually noticed them and if I ask anyone what they think of my eyes, they think I just had the eyebrows area beautifully waxed.  That is what I call a professional job.  Other than the initial comment about waxed eyebrows, the remarks have been about the perfect colour match, the nice shape and how natural they look.  The shape is such that I can still add thickness or length myself if I want to but I certainly don’t. My technician was an artist for sure and I have no reservations in recommending Age Less or this beauty enhancing process.  Oh yes, I expected the process to be painful but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. Thanks, it's such a treat not to have to mess around with eyebrow liners”.  Bal S.

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