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When the low level laser light connects with acupressure points on your ears, wrists, arms, face and other areas, the body releases endorphins which are natural "feel good" hormones and these exert a positive influence to control cravings, suppress appetite and increase your metabolism.

Many clients accompany their low level laser treatment with a nutritional consultation and evaluation so that we can create a customized eating plan for your personal morphology. We also recommend that you accompany your treatment with a light exercise plan so that you can ensure your weight remains under control in the future.

Clearly, there are too many variables at stake for us to be able to guarantee that the weight you lose after experiencing low level laser light treatment will not be regained in the future. In many cases, there are both physical and psychological factors involved in excessive weight gain and over-eating. We can state unequivocally that stimulating acupressure points with our low level laser light has a proven positive effect on the physical aspects of weight control by accelerating metabolism, suppressing appetite and decreasing cravings. The psychological aspects may require further support and your commitment to make life style changes that will have a positive impact on your eating and exercise habits.

In committed individuals we have found that low level light lasers are an ideal way to jump start your way to permanent and lasting loss of excess body fat.

At your first visit we will discuss your aspirations for the program and advise on how you can best follow up the treatment to ensure success. This will be followed by 30 minutes or so of low laser light applied to various acupressure points to stimulate your body to produce the endorphins needed to control appetite and boost your metabolism to burning fat more quickly.

If, after the first treatment, you find that you still have pockets of stubborn fat, we may also suggest a follow up series of low light Lipo Flush Laser™ treatments. We usually find that three 20-minute sessions for three or four weeks, together with the custom nutritional plan and light exercise is enough to help get your body back into shape.

As with all our treatments, we first offer a full body consultation to discuss your needs and plan the appropriate course of action, before beginning any of our treatments.

For more information about how our low level light laser Victoria Weight Loss Clinic control program can help you regain control of your body weight, please call us for a free Body Composition Analysis today on 778-433-8300.

If you're looking for weight loss in Victoria BC, Age Less Laser Centres is your ideal choice.

This could be the first step towards a sleeker, more contoured, more toned version of you. Low light laser treatment can also help you quit smoking. Call us today for more information about Victoria Weight Loss Clinic.

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