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Laser & IPL Services

Victoria’s Hair Removal Specialists - Since 2000

Unwanted hair on the face and body can be progressively and permanently reduced at Age Less Laser Centres, with advanced Intense Pulsed Light and LHE laser systems. These pigment specific Devices deliver precise dosages of energy that are selectively absorbed by hair follicles, rendering them ineffective. Most experience a noticeable reduction within 4-8 treatments. Light based hair removal is suitable for most skin colours, as long as the hair is darker than the skin being treated, although not effective on light blond, white, grey or bright red hair. It is important to note that hormones and genetics will affect the number of treatments you may require.


What Causes Hair To Grow?


Unwanted hair has become a more serious problem than most people realize, besides genetics & hormonal difficulties, which predispose some of us to excessive hair growth, the following factors are also major contributors to this dilemma:

  • Side Effects Of Various Medications

  • Birth Control Pills

  • Stress, Increased Cortisol, an Androgen Hormone

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Peri-menopause/Menopause

  • High Blood Pressure Medications

  • Aspirin On A Daily Basis

  • Tanning Beds

  • UV Radiation-Stimulation From Artificial Lighting And Other Sources In The Workplace-Computer Monitors Etc.

  • Caffeine

  • Lack Of Sufficient Sunlight During Winter Months Affects The Glandular System, Which In Turn Affects Your Hormones.

Hair Growth Cycles


There are only four times in a year when the root of a hair can be destroyed with any permanent hair removal system. As all of our hair goes through three stages of growth; these stages being: Anagen-Growth, Catagen-Inactive, Telogen-Dormant, every 12-14 weeks for a great percentage of face & body hair, it is imperative to stay on a steady course of treatments to obtain the best results. Due to these cycles, hormones, genetics & skin & hair colour, some clients may require treatments anywhere from 12-24 months. With regular sessions, treatment times will begin to decrease significantly. Some individuals may need ongoing maintenance.

An Overview Of Our Methods


Laser/IPL hair removal is a quick, convenient, and progressively permanent method of hair removal for the average person after about 8-14 sessions. The majority of clients see a significant reduction of hair as well as the emergence of finer and thinner hairs after just a few treatments. Laser hair removal needs to be customized, as not every system is appropriate for all hair & skin colours.

What Will It Feel Like?


There may be a slight “pinching” sensation in the application of the laser to your skin, but no real pain. Any area of the body can be treated, except adjacent to the eyes. The most common areas for women are the upper lip, chin, legs, underarm, and bikini line, while men request hair removal on the back, shoulders and nape & front of the neck (a common place for ingrown hairs).


How Often Will I Need Treatment?

Multiple treatment sessions are necessary to obtain long-term hair removal. Hair grows in cycles; (there are only 4 times in a year when the root of any hair can be killed) the laser disables the hair in the active stage of growth at the time of treatment, but it can also affect the hairs in the early and late stages by retarding their growth. The hairs that return are those that were not in the active stage of growth at the time of treatment. You will see results after just a few treatments, but a proper series is needed for clearance of the majority of hair and will vary between individuals.


Will I Need Touch Ups?

Depending on hormones and genetics, some individuals may require a touch up from time to time, once or twice per year, as fine velous hair can eventually coarsen where they can be effectively treated.



Important To Note . . .

It is advisable not to have laser hair removal on the body the week prior to menstruation as the body may be more sensitive. With any light or heat technology there is always a possibility for blisters, crusting and hyper or hypo pigmentation which invariably normalizes over time with proper post care.

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