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Improved Mood And Energy Levels

Many people report an improved mood and energy level when using WBV. Research with animals has shown an increase in serotonin levels after vibration. Serotonin, which is almost a household term these days due to the prevalence of depression and antidepressant drugs, is the neurotransmitter that makes you calm and happy, and not coincidently is the neurotransmitter that antidepressant drugs aim to increase. Evidence of WBV’s effects in this area with people is so far anecdotal, but presents another exciting area to explore!


Hgh And Testosterone Increase

Hormones such as Human Growth Hormone, Intrinsic Growth Factor 1, and testosterone have been shown to increase, in some cases markedly. This, in conjunction with the strength and flexibility increases may explain why athletes using this system find they are less likely to get injured, and that when they are injured they heal faster. Marked strength increases have been seen using this system, even when used for short periods of time (less than 3 min/session, twice/week for 3 weeks). A process of neurological adaptation leading to improved communication between the nervous system and muscle fibres is thought to be the explanation for these early strength increases. After several weeks of training the muscle fibres themselves begin to increase in size and number creating larger, stronger muscles.

Cortisol levels, on the other hand, have been shown to decrease. Cortisol is the hormone released when we are under stress and high levels of Cortisol have been linked to many disease states. Lowered levels of Cortisol, conversely, have been seen as a good indication of a slowed aging process.


Bone Density

The potential for bone building made national headlines in August 2001 when the journal Nature published a study using sheep at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Adult sheep exposed to gentle vibrations for 20 minutes a day increased their bone density by 34% over one year. A recent study at Leuven University in Belgium, published by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in 2003, looked at the effect of vibration on post-menopausal women (those most at risk of developing osteoporosis). Significant (approximately 1%) increases in hipbone density were seen over the 6-month study. While this number is small, this is still the first therapy to show any actual increase, or reverse, of bone loss in post-menopausal women. An exciting area of research would be to combine Whole Body Vibration (WBV) with the latest in nutrition and supplemental therapies, and then look at the effects then on bone density after 6 months, especially as no attention was given to these factors in the Leuven study.

Used as a training method, it has been shown to increase bone density, muscle strength and flexibility in a remarkably short amount of time: 10 minutes with this system is the equivalent of 60 minutes of weight lifting. Standing on a vibrating plate, every cell in your body vibrates at the same speed. All muscle fibres involuntarily tense and relax at this speed, thus creating an intense workout without the person actually having to move at all, with no lactic acid build-up!

This advanced training system enables athletes to get the best results from their training; an increase in power, a positive influence on the hormonal system and a break through of force and speed velocity barriers!


Key Benefits to Athletes:

Studies have shown an increase in HGH (in some cases by 460%) and testosterone (by 7%). WBV has routinely produced a 6-7cm increase in vertical jump-a key indicator of leg power.

Used by Professional Sports Teams:

WBV machines have been used by NFL’s Tampa Bay, Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs, and many others to increase performance while decreasing injuries.

Rapid muscle increase:

During the Training almost 100% of the muscle fibres are utilized. This leads to strength and power increases as demonstrated in increased vertical jump.


Increased fat burning:

Because the metabolism increases with training.


Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation

Increase in flexibility:

Due to better blood flow, heating of the muscles and the tendons stretching reflex, the body becomes much more supple and relaxed.


Activation of the circulation:

During training, the muscles pump blood into the smallest capillaries up to 50 times per second. This allows all cells to receive fuel more rapidly from head to toe, while assisting waste products to be disposed of much faster.


Improved coordination:

The receptors in the entire body are stimulated at the same time, which leads to improved coordination of the related muscles. Also the sense of balance is trained.

Good Vibrations For Seniors:

In a clinical study, 42 volunteers in a nursing home were randomized to a vibration group or a non-treatment group for 6 weeks. The treatment group underwent 6 weeks of CWBV (4 one minute series 3 times a week) on a vertical vibrating platform (10 Hz in the first and third series and 27 Hz in the second and fourth ones). After 6 weeks of therapy, patients in the vibrating group showed:

• 143% improvement in physical function.
• 41% improvement in pain management.
• 60% increase in vitality.
• 23% improvement in general health.
• 57% improvement in quality of walking as assessed by the Tinetti test (compared with a 2% improvement in control subjects).
• 77% improvement in equilibrium (compared with 1% worsening in controls).
• 39% decrease in time required to get up and go (compared with an increase of 14% among controls).

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