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More Information On Lymphatic Drainage

With our exclusive Synchronized Computerized Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, you are assured of the most customized & effective means in dealing with water retention, toxemia, lowered immune response, chronic fatigue, allergies and weight loss. When deep toxins are released from the bodies tissues, the body no longer needs the excess water that it was using to buffer the irritations. Allow 1 hour.


While manual lymph drainage feels great, many more sessions (one daily for 30 days) are required to accomplish what can be achieved in only 10, once weekly, synchronized sessions with our state-of-the-art technology. Clients lie down with feet elevated & experience a tingly relaxing & effective treatment.



A series of 10 relaxing sessions over 10 weeks - allow 60 minutes per session

Special Package Bonus: To expedite your results receive 10 FREE Whole Body Vibration sessions - Valued at $300.00.

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