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Stress Management Victoria BC

Stress Reduction With Bio-Feedback

The American Medical Association has stated that 80% of all disease is caused by stress & that physicians are not trained to deal with stress. As such, the specialized technologies of Bio-Energetic Testing & Therapy work in recognition of the biochemical uniqueness of each individual person, taking the guesswork out of selecting the appropriate nutritional supplements & energetic interventions that are most suited to keep the body in balance.

Bio-energetic Testing & Therapy is recognized internationally as one of the most significant breakthroughs in health & wellness. Bio-Feedback therapy is non-invasive & painless, it's affordable & is clinically very accurate & effective. We are proud to offer you this outstanding modality to compliment your anti-aging & wellness quest. Besides preventative therapies, bio-feedback is also effective in assisting with many other conditions.


“For years I had constant tingling in my hands and feet that used to really bother me. After having a QXCI Nerve Conduction Session the tingling immediately stopped and has not returned. It has now been several months since I’ve had that session and the tingling hasn’t returned.” Sherry P. – Victoria

“When I first came to Age Less Laser Centres, I was a mess.  I was near exhaustion from work related stress, tummy and bowel problems.  My energy level was in my boots.


Marilia did a stress reducing biofeedback and isolated the areas that I needed help with.  I was commenced on a fibre flush along with digestive enzymes, magnesium, potassium, liquid calcium, and a multiple vitamin.  My clinician also recommended I see a Homeopathic MD, who did my blood tests and hormonal tests.  I was put onto progesterone cream. 


At the same time as I was receiving weekly biofeedback therapy, I was also having synchronized lymphatic drainage treatment, lypo flush body wraps and remineralizing body wraps. 


Within a matter of two weeks, my energy level had increased dramatically, my aches and pains had greatly diminished.  I was sleeping better and I was more relaxed.  My tummy problems were starting to dissipate and my bowels were finally starting to work.  I was elated with the results. 


I can honestly say that I feel better and younger today than I have in the last ten years.  Thanks to Age Less and their relaxing treatments, it has been a godsend to me.


I would advise anyone who has been feeling poorly & has exhausted the medical profession for answers, that they should make an appointment with Age Less Laser Centre, even if only for the biofeedback. You will be surprised how much you will learn about your body and yourself.  It is well worth every penny that I spent”. Kathy R. – Victoria

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