We Take Environmental Responsibility Seriously!

Green Initiatives

  • We believe in being respectful of our precious & fragile environment, & as such we have implemented a rigorous recycling program dating back to 1996.

  • Our customized skin care & botanical, mineral cosmetics are cruelty free & use renewable ingredients derived from nature.

  • Our packaging is all recyclable.

  • We use recycled paper as much as possible & vegetable inks.
  • We provide unlabeled, foil shopping bags – perfect for re-gifting.

  • By keeping our overhead lights lowered we can save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

  • By using only biodegradable & phosphate-free cleaning products, which are safer for humans & the environment, we help protect our rivers & streams & other fresh water sources from eutrophication.

  • We use as many reusable items as possible - cloth versus paper, washable glasses versus plastic, & recycled paper products wherever possible - which helps save trees.

  • Our electrical appliances operate on programmable timers that switch off nightly.

  • We wash our laundry in cold water with energy efficient appliances, allowing us to save up to 5,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, reducing global warming & promoting cleaner air.

  • We lower our thermostat 2 degrees in winter & up 2 degrees in summer. This can save 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

  • We donate our older computers & monitors in good condition to benefit under privileged people.

  • We drive a vehicle with ultra low emissions & carpool on a regular basis.