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Facts You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal In Victoria BC

First introduced in the late 1990's, Laser Hair Removal was mainly limited to individuals with really light skin & dark hair. At that time, Diode & Alexandrite lasers were being utilized for hair removal. Diode lasers are still the preferred system in medical workplaces. These lasers, however, are not considered as reliable for laser hair removal on medium and dark skin due to the fact that they are not able to distinguish between the color of the skin and the hair follicles.

Making Use Of The Appropriate Laser System Is A Must

Simply lowering the power level on the laser will minimize or eliminate skin damage, however, then the hair doesn't get damaged. Even when set at the right level, those with skin of some color can experience burns which can be prevented by using more appropriate systems.

With the arrival of 3rd generation laser innovations such as the 1064 YAG, and the  perfecting of the Intense Pulsed Light Systems, we have a reliable device to obtain removal of undesirable hair on individuals of most skin colour & a lot of hair colors, safely & efficiently.

How Many Treatments Will You Require?

Permanent Reduction with Laser Hair Removal Victoria BC can be attained when you follow the appropriate guidelines set out for you by our Certified Laser Therapists. Numerous Laser Hair Removal websites seem to have outdated details, for that reason, they commonly do not convey the immense care & expertise that is needed in order to ensure safe & reliable outcomes during your laser Victoria hair removal treatments. During our research, we discovered various websites offering information that is almost 10 years old. We don't find this acceptable.

It is with you, our potential future customers in mind, that the details on Laser Hair Removal in Victoria BC you find on our internet site will be factual, up to date and insightful. It is right here to aid you in navigating the labyrinth of false information that exists in the marketplace and to help shed light on some difficult Laser Hair Removal Questions.

Getting All Your Concerns Responded To

While laser hair removal has been readily available for over 13 years, it is still considered a relatively new procedure. Customers have many questions and concerns when researching Victoria hair removal such as; the expense of laser hair removal, seeing pictures that illustrate the outcomes that can be obtained and reviewing true testimonials from genuine customers and discovering the dangers involved, consisting of the capacity for negative side effects and going through therapies during pregnancy.

Our goal at Age Less Laser Centres is to provide you with exact, up to date information. Are the costs the exact same from the beginning to the end of your series? Are there any possible risks, in addition, what level of discomfort, if any, are you most likely to experience throughout your sessions? These are issues that will vary between the various centers offering laser Victoria hair removal - based on the range & sort of equipment they've opted to make use of, and on its age.

Why We Invest In 4th Generation Lasers

At Age Less Laser Centres, we constantly aim to efficiently resolve your issues by investing in fourth generation laser technologies with a commitment to ongoing updating and training. This permits us to continue providing you, tailored, cutting-edge laser hair removal Victoria BC therapies that are comfortable, safe, effective & budget friendly.