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Treating Wrinkles & Lines
Age Less Laser Centres offers several paramedical options to effectively reduce and or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, without Botox or other dermal fillers!

Treatment Options for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Multi-Polar RF

Collagen Induction

Electro Mesotherapy

Multi Polar RF

Option #1 - Multi-Polar RF

Multi-Polar RF is the latest 4th generation aesthetic device which combines Magnetic Pulsed Therapy with Multi-Polar Radio Frequencies for skin tightening, facial & body contouring and the innovative treatment of cellulite. This safe and effective treatment enables you to experience results focused, anti-aging solutions without any of the discomfort and lack of results often found in earlier generation devices, such as Thermage.

How Does Multi-Polar RF Work?

Multi-Polar RF uses Radio Frequency technology to deliver controlled heat (from 39-41 degrees Celsius) to deep dermal tissues without causing damage or discomfort to the epidermis. This deep heat tightens tissue (stretch marks & loose skin), melts fat and stimulates collagen production.The RF heat is delivered up to 20mm deep into tissue, with maximum heat delivered at 5 mm. These soothing treatments dramatically increase circulation to speed recovery from surgical procedures, minimizing swelling and bruising, and reducing pain.

Is There Any Down Time With Multi-Polar RF?

A customized series of Multi-Polar RF treatments can create dramatic results without surgery and needs no recovery time.

Where Can Multi-Polar RF Used?

The Multi-Polar RF treatment can be used anywhere on the face and body, and results are evident very quickly. These relaxing treatments effectively tighten & contour tissue around the jaw line and neck, reduce puffy eyes as well as minimize acne scars, while reducing excess fatty tissue on face & body. It also smooths orange peel (cellulite) skin, & effectively tightens stretch marked skin.

Physicians who have conducted clinical trials have effectively reduced the appearance of cellulite, and noted reduction in the circumferential measurements of patients in the hip, waist and thigh area, while maintaining optimal skin elasticity.

How Can Multi-Polar RF Assist With Pre & Post Surgical Procedures?

Post-surgical maintenance of 4–6 treatments will accelerate the fading of bruises and relieve pain. Post eye lifting surgeries will benefit from monthly or bi-monthly maintenance treatments to prevent the return of fluid and fat around the delicate eye area.


The Multi-Polar RF treatment strengthens the skin before liposuction and smoothes post surgical unevenness, while reducing swelling and bruising.

The Multi-Polar RF treatment prepares and helps heal the skin when used before and after laser treatments or chemical peels, as it promotes collagen integrity.

The deep heat delivered by the Multi-Polar RF treatment also improves local circulation, promotes fibrous tissue breakdown and helps facilitate the movement of excess fluids and toxins through the lymphatics.

How Many Sessions of Multi-Polar RF Are Needed?

The Multi-Polar RF treatment is most effective when delivered in a series of 8-15 treatments, performed weekly. Depending on the severity of the concern, the integrity of the tissue being treated etc., some individuals may require additional treatments to fine-tune their particular concerns. Typical packages include: eyes, face and neck; upper arms; stomach, thighs, derriere & larger sagging breasts, or any area that needs to be brought to a more favourable proportion.


Unlike 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation devices, where results, if any, were not visible for up to six months in many cases, improvements are seen immediately after the first treatment with Multi-Polar RF, with increased improvements realized in subsequent sessions.

Will I Need Maintenance to Hold On To My Multi-Polar RF Results?

Relaxing maintenance sessions should be performed every 10 to 12 weeks to hold on to your results and slow the aging process.

#2 Option - Collagen Induction

Microneedling Reduces Smoking and Aging-Related Skin Wrinkles

Multiple treatments with an automated microneedling device (Dermapen) significantly reduces wrinkles resulting from both skin aging and smoking, according to a recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology (December 13, 2018).

Amer Mohamed, MD, et al, treated 40 patients with facial wrinkles (33-60 years of age). The patients were divided into 2 groups: cigarette smokers (Group 1, n=20) and skin aging (n=20). Each underwent six Dermapen treatments spaced two weeks apart with a needle depth of 1mm and six passes per area treated. Each pass was delivered in eight directions—vertical, up and down, horizontal, to the right and left, and in both diagonal directions—to ensure an even distribution of the holes. Following treatment, cold saline packs were used to wash out any oozing or pinpoint bleeding and patients were instructed to use a local antibiotic twice daily for two days following treatment and to apply sunscreen prior to sun exposure.

In the skin aging group, improvement in skin texture and tightness was excellent in three patients (15 percent), very good in seven patients (35 percent), good in eight patients (40 percent) and poor in two patients (10 percent). In the cigarette-smoking group, improvement was very good in four patients (50 percent), good in two patients (25 percent) and poor in two patients (25 percent).

In the skin aging group, ten patients were satisfied with treatment (50 percent), eight were somewhat satisfied (40 percent) and two patients were not satisfied (10 percent). In the smoking group, four patients were satisfied (50 percent), two patients were somewhat satisfied (25 percent) and two were not satisfied (25 percent).

#3 Option - Electro Mesotherapy

When Surgery Is Not An Option . . .

Para-Medical Skin Revision Therapies Offer You Effective Solutions - more information coming soon.

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Collagen Induction
Electro Mesotherapy
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