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Permanent Makeup For A 'Wash & Wear' Look

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After pictures to the right are immediately after the application of mineral pigments. The final result will be approximately 50% lighter within a week. Experience the difference expertly applied Cosmetic Tattooing can make to your appearance, when our highly experienced Para-Medical Permanent Makeup Technician combines several leading edge technologies, an array of custom blended pigments with our proprietary Multi Dimensional techniques to enhance your fine or sparse eyebrows. With our proprietary Multi Dimensional Method an eyebrow procedure may take on the appearance of real hair or a softer more blended look can be achieved by applying colour underneath existing lighter eyebrow hairs.

To address the various brow concerns we offer you three customized Brow Enhancement procedures.

Brow Fill is best for brows that are already in the correct shape and  position but are sparse or light.

Our most popular Cosmetic Tattooing brow and Permanent Makeup Eyebrow procedure is Brow Design which is used when brows require a complete makeover. We are often creatures of habit and become accustomed to a specific shape of brows, even though that look may no longer be the most flattering. To provide the most flattering look to highlight your face and eyes, this more comprehensive procedure allows us to re-position the brows, adjust the arch, determine whether a curved or angular brow will be more flattering to the architecture of the face and adjust the thickness, colour and brow length, for a more youthful, movie star look.

Brow Revision is a more complex procedure that might require up to three sessions and is used when previously applied Cosmetic Tattooing applied elsewhere requires correction to colour, shape or positioning. We do a lot of brow revisions at Age Less Laser Centres and see a lot of disappointed clients who thought they were saving money by going somewhere cheaper only to have it cost way more in the end, both from a monetary perspective as well as the additional inconvenience and time to get the brows corrected.

Micro-Pigmentation “Permanent Makeup” For that

“Wash & Wear Look”

A cosmetic procedure for applying coloured pigment into the dermal (second) layer of the skin. Micro-Pigmentation, also referred to as Cosmetic Tattooing, Permanent Makeup, Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo, Dermal Pigmentation, Victoria BC Micro-Blading and Intra- Dermal Pigmentation, is the application of specific pigments through a tattooing process to enhance lip shape and definition, intensify lip colour, or accentuate the upper and lower eyelids as well as making the brows look fuller, more defined and more symmetrical.

At Age Less Laser Centres, our skilled Para Medical Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Technician can also apply specialized Cosmetic Tattooing techniques to camouflage certain scars and skin imperfections, such as vitiligo, hypo-pigmentation and hairline scars.

Who Benefits from Permanent Makeup Eyebrow?

Other than esthetic enhancement and definition, cosmetic tattooing has many other benefits. The visually impaired, physically challenged, those with allergies to cosmetics, the very athletic client who perspires a lot, and patients suffering from alopecia will benefit tremendously by implanting pigment underneath the skin. Other areas that will benefit from micro-pigmentation are scars resulting from burns, plastic surgery hairline face-lift scars, stretch marks, breast reduction areola scars and creating the illusion of areolas and nipple restoration after mastectomy.

How is it done?
Using a variety of sophisticated digital European technologies and specialized hand held devices with disposable, sterilized needles, in a multitude of configurations, we implant a custom blended colour into the dermal layer.

Is it painful?
Highly effective topical anesthetics are applied to the area before and during the session, to numb and provide comfort. Our clients always comment on how comfortable the treatments actually are.
Although it is not advisable to have these procedures performed the week prior to your menstruation starting, as at that time it can indeed be uncomfortable for most ladies.

How many methods exist for performing Victoria BC Micro-Blading & Micro-Pigmentation procedures?
There are as many different ways and methods of applying Cosmetic Tattooing as there are styles of application. None are better than the any other, with the exception of artistry being a talent that should be required of all Micro Pigmentation Artists. Some clients prefer a heavier more painted look, and there are technicians who promote that look, we however feel that a softer more natural approach is more flattering and more youthful, so we tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to enhancing a face with something that is difficult and costly to remove if done over the top.

Is specialized training to perform Cosmetic Tattooing mandatory by the government?
No it is not. As a result many technicians have little to no proper training as many can obtain their training inexpensively from a DVD while practicing on banana peels or pigs ears instead of real live skin and real live models. Depending on the training taken by the technician, and many do not take any formal training from accredited Academies as this is not a licensed field in Canada. Also without any make up artistry or colour theory training, their perception of what looks best and their ability to apply the pigments in a flattering manner, often results in procedures that are caricature like and heavy, to subtly enhancing; which is what we aim for at Age Less Laser Centres.

Can anyone have Cosmetic Tattooing?
Some individuals are not candidates for Cosmetic Tattooing. Those with bleeding disorders, skin allergies, highly inflamed or broken skin on the areas requiring treatment, as well as some individuals on blood thinners. We cannot apply Cosmetic Tattooing in the form of makeup over moles or cholesterol deposits or certain scarred tissue. Those with very fine, delicate or crepey eye skin may not retain Eye Liner pigment at all. Those under high stress levels whose immune systems can be in fight flight mode, may actually absorb pigment through increased macrophage activity. If this happens after the first session we recommend looking at relaxation methods as well as taking calming herbs to sooth the central nervous system for a period of time before attempting a second session. We have found this to be most effective in pigment retention. A comprehensive consultation is required prior to scheduling any procedure.

What is involved after the procedure?
Mild redness and slight swelling may be visible immediately following the procedure, which disappears quickly. There is usually no downtime. Applying a cold gel pack is helpful for some. Keeping the area moist by applying a special ointment for 7 to 10 days after the procedure is critical to avoid scabbing and pigment loss. Avoiding sun exposure is also important.

Will I need more than one appointment?
To achieve the softer, longer lasting, multi dimensional, natural look we are renowned for, each procedure is performed in two separate sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart. We do not do ''touch ups'' as these are not very helpful in assisting in longer colour retention. At this second session we are able to see how your initial pigment application has developed, whether you have rejected or absorbed any pigment and whether the colour developed warmer or cooler, so that at the second session we can perfect , fine-tune and reinforce the procedure with this double deposition of pigment for a longer lasting result, so that the final look gives you the most natural and flattering effect possible.

How long can I expect this procedure to last?
The softer application methods we use tend to require refreshing every

3 - 5 years. Depending on your skins thickness, the level of inflammation, the age of the skin and the amount of cortisol and stress your body is experiencing, some clients may see fading more quickly than others. This is not something that can be controlled by the therapist. In a few rare cases some clients may require a third application if their body absorbs some of the previously applied pigment. No guarantees can be made with regards to how long your procedure will last before a refreshing session may be required as with a more natural looking process, the look will continue to soften slightly over time.

What is the pigment composed of?
Pigments for Cosmetic Tattooing of the face are different from those applied to body art and are made of mineral, iron oxide base colorants. These colorants and dispersing solutions are FDA & Health Canada approved.

Lip Liner, Lip Colour & Lip Augmentation
Lip Liner not only enhances the existing lip line, but may improve lip symmetry or camouflage any scars, such as hair lips. Lip Augmentation (Volumizing) increases the size and fullness of the natural lip line while creating a poutier, more dimensional look without the need for ongoing costly injections. Loss of natural lip colour through the aging process benefits dramatically from this procedure as well as from Full Lip Staining. It is important to note that full lip colour cannot be applied without first having lip liner. Our aim at Age Less Laser Centres is to give you a healthy looking natural and more lush mouth. You may still want to wear lipstick or gloss from time to time to coordinate with your wardrobe, but you won't need to.

Feel Confident Stepping Out Without Cosmetics
You can now wake up with your make up and not feel naked going out the door without first applying surface cosmetics. Having this work done is a long term investment in your appearance and can benefit your confidence and increase you self esteem. Often, we find that spouses are quite glad that their ladies can now get out the door much more quickly as they no longer have to fuss with putting on their brows. It's just so freeing!

What are my options regarding Eyeliners?
We can provide a delicate Lash Enhancement process for a subtle look that makes the lashes look fuller. Or we can provide a Fine Liner usually to the bottom lashes and a Thicker more Dramatic Liner for the upper lashes. These can be done to look crisp and defined or softer and smudgier looking. An array of colours are available, however most clients prefer a neutral shade as they can still can add colour over their existing look when they require a change.

Lasting Lip Liner With Permanent Makeup & Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo - Without Injections

Now you can prevent the feared "Trout Pout" (overfilled upper lip) or "Duck Lips" look (Overfilled around the edges without inner volume) & remove the demand for pricey injectable fillers every 4 months by having your lips made brighter, dimensionally fuller & normally more specified, using the most comfy Permanent Makeup application innovations with double intensity pigments & topical anesthetics for 5 - 10 years.

Corrective Procedures For Incorrectly Applied Pigment

Restorative treatments can effectively enhance an uneven shaped mouth along with repair previously incorrectly used long-term makeup i.e. poorly shaped, incorrectly placed or the incorrect color, (we do a lot of repair work procedures from long-term makeup did somewhere else) & can enhance the look of vitiligo, cleft lips & facial & body scars while creating practical areolas after breast reduction & reconstruction surgical treatments.